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Our poultry is raised on grass, fresh air and sunshine
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We grow and raise good food

We are first generation urban farmers passionate about locally grown and responsibly raised food. By supporting small, local farms, you help keep our economy strong, food fresh, and planet healthier. Join us in creating a better food system for Orlando and the world. Find out more about our farm and products below.

Robo & Jason

our products

Pasture Raised Eggs

Eggs from our free range hens accompanied by a few roosters

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Pasture Raised Chicken

Pre-order our tasty, pasture raised whole birds average 3.5 lbs

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Virtual Harvest

Coming soon a brand new digital farming experience like you've never seen before.

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Farm Friends

We are lucky to work with these great companies that support local farms.

Dead Lizard Brewing

We love their beer, our chickens love their spent grains, we like to call this sustainable beer and eggs.

Yoga Mix Orlando

Yup you guessed it, sustainable farmers and yogis make great friends. Thanks for supporting us every step of the way.

Farm Team

We are grateful to have so much love and support from our family, friends and our community.


I believe our food future is local, humane and natural.


I love the farm lifestyle and growing and raising food for our community


When not studying Enviornmental Studies at UCF, I spend as much time outdoors working on the farm.